Hailo launches AI deep learning chip to challenge Intel, Nvidia

Israeli startup Hailo Technologies Ltd. has launched its first processor, designed for deep learning applications by end devices, such as autonomous cars, smart cameras, smartphones, drones, and augmented reality/virtual reality (AR/VR) platforms.

Artificial intelligence (AI) processors for end devices are a growing subsector of the semiconductor industry, the most important characteristics of which are a low-energy power source, small physical dimensions, a low price and maximum operational flexibility, in contrast to processors intended for data centers.

The first samples of the processor will soon be delivered to major manufacturers and suppliers in the automotive industry and camera companies for “performance envelope testing”. To mark the launch, Hailo CEO Orr Danon told “Globes,” that, “The company’s objective is to develop the business partners’ different products for the autonomous car market around the Hailo processor, beginning with European and APAC automotive manufacturers.”

Hailo, founded two years ago, has raised around $26 million in

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