Parrot Anafi Thermal ultracompact drone does live thermal and 4K video for $1,900

European drone maker Parrot is giving its little folding 4K camera drone a new job. 

The Anafi Thermal is a slightly smaller, lighter version of the Anafi it launched last June, but its single camera is replaced with a module with both a 4K camera and a Flir thermal camera that can see a temperature range of 14 to 752 degrees Fahrenheit (-10 to 400 degrees C), with three-axis stabilization. 

The Thermal follows the release of the Anafi Work, a professional package announced in September to create 3D models of all types of buildings with the included one-year subscription to Pix4D drone mapping and modeling software. Though developed as a drone platform, the original Anafi was for prosumer, enthusiast and professional camera drone pilots. While the consumer camera drone market continues to shrink, commercial growth is strong by comparison. 

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