GoPro may be pivoting to software as competitors flood the action camera market

GoPro ($NASDAQ:GPRO) had — with no sugarcoating — a rough 2018. But as we’re seeing through its LinkedIn and hiring trends, as well as its first quarter earnings, it may have stopped the bleeding… And might be doing so by pivoting to software.

In a similar pattern that we saw with Apple, GoPro has listed more jobs in Mobile Software than ever before. And while there weren’t that many jobs for that at the company — it’s hiring for five positions within that division now — it’s a significant portion of their current listings.

Overall job openings at the company — while not at 2018 levels — experienced a recent spike, as it tripled the number of listings on its careers page from February 2018 to the beginning of 2019. Even after a post new-year drop, GoPro is hiring for 50 individual positions as of May 11, almost double of what its was

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