Event Cameras Help Autonomous Drones Duck and Dive

It is an established fact that dynamic vision sensors enable high-speed maneuvres with robots. Now drones equipped with event cameras are being developed – they respond to changes in a scene on a per-pixel basis in microseconds, to nimbly avoid obstacles.

Davide Scaramuzza’s Robotics and Perception Group at the University of Zurich pioneered the use of event cameras on drones. Event camera specific sensors might not be good at interpreting a scene visually like a regular camera, but they’re extremely sensitive to motion, responding to changes in a scene on a per-pixel basis in microseconds. For a fast-moving drone this feature could easily be the difference between crashing into something and avoiding it successfully.

The Automaton blog IEEE Spectrum’s award-winning robotics blog reports about a recently accepted paper to the IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters about exploring the

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