Cape: Aerial Telepresence Changes the Definitions of Pilot and Commander for Drones

Aerial telepresence is a relatively new concept – and Cape Aerial Telepresence™ is the first platform in use for commercial drones.   The idea is a game changer for drone missions, changing the definition of “pilot” and “commander” for drones.

In a stunning demonstration at AUVSI’s Xponential, Cape’s VP of Marketing Nicole Amsler let me take the keyboard to “fly” a drone located in Mexico.  By simple navigation on a standard laptop, I could steer the drone to look at landscape features that interested me, zooming images in and out for a closer look.  From the ground in Mexico, the official drone pilot in command kept his eyes on the aircraft as I flew – waving at me as the drone passed overhead.

At a trade show, it makes for an awesome demo.  In actual practice, it’s even better.

Cape is a

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