Drones helping KC metro fire departments during firefighting operations

LENEXA, Kan. — Firefighters in Paris are crediting drones for their help in keeping the fire at the Notre Dame cathedral from destroying the entire structure.

As Parisian firefighters mobilized around the inferno, first responders borrowed two drones to help them pinpoint the most effective positions to place crews and hoses.

While the fire destroyed the roof and spire, much of the historic structure remains standing.

“In the fire service, you never want to see of that magnitude or of that historic value up and be damaged,” said Lenexa Fire Department division chief Don Tinsley. “It’s just a tragedy.”

Tinsley ‘s department knows the usefulness of drones. Lenexa Fire purchased two of them in 2014.

Tinsley is the lead pilot.

One of the two drones is equipped with a thermal imaging camera that has played a key role while battling building fires.

“We were able to identify the location of the second floor of the apartment

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