Eachine Trashcan – A fun micro FPV quad

The Eachine Trashcan is an excellent brushless micro FPV quadcopter. It is a direct competitor to the very popular Mobula 7. In fact, on paper, the Trashcan is better than the Mobula in almost every way. Is it actually the better drone? We will take a closer look, but one thing is clear. The Trashcan definitely is NOT garbage.

DJI Spark

Eachine Trashcan

The Eachine Trashcan specs out better than the Mobula 7 in a handful of ways. It uses a newer F4 flight controller instead of the F3 of the Mobula. The Trashcan has larger and more powerful 0803 motors compared to the Mobula’s 0802. The VTX is switchable from 25 to 200 mW whereas the Mobula is fixed at 25

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