When actor Vivekh narrowly escaped a drone accident in US

Shooting for Vellai Pookkal was an unforgettable experience for Vivekh. The actor, who plays a former DIG, had to shoot inside a defunct nuclear power plant near Seattle, USA. “The team got permission to shoot there with great difficulty. It was a gigantic, abandoned structure, and quite eerie,” he recalls.

The shot required him and Charlie to follow a man who starts walking into the reactor premises. Everything was fine, till the man they were following began climbing steep metal stairs on the walls of the reactor. Vivekh began the climb, concentrating on his shot, and only noticed after a while how high up they had come. Looking down from the dizzying heights was quite frightening, he says. 

Special drone cameras were being used to follow the actors as they climbed higher. “We were told that mobile signals wouldn’t work inside the structure. And once we climbed up, there was no way

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