Drones and Thermal Infrared Imaging Help Monitor Spider Monkeys

Wildlife conservationists rely on accurate and precise counts of animal populations for conservation related decisions and actions; however, availability of such data for majority of arboreal species lacks due to difficulties and costs of performing ground surveys. To overcome these challenges, studies were carried out by a group of researchers using thermal infrared (TIR) camera equipped drones to monitor primate populations of howler monkeys and spider monkeys and orangutans in Los Arboles Tulum, a residential development located about 14 km from the municipality of Tulum, Quintana Roo, Mexico. In this area houses are allowed to occupy only 5% of each 2-hectare plot hence as of now 98% of the 400-hectare area remains forested.

The project demonstrated that a TIR camera fitted drone can be successfully employed to determine the presence and count the number of

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