Montebello Police Department plans on adding drones to its arsenal

Montebello’s Police Department is making plans to take to the air to fight crime through the use of drones.

Police Chief Brad Keller has promised the drones will not be used to violate privacy.

Unmanned aerial vehicles will be used in specific law enforcement purposes, which does not include covert surveillance, Keller told the Montebello City Council in March before it approved the use of $75,000 in drug asset forfeiture funds for their purchase. He hopes to purchase the drones before July 4.

“They won’t be randomly flow into the sky just to look for things,” he said. “They’ll be only launched in instances where there is a safety or hazard issue.”

Examples of use would include flying over a large warehouse where there was a burglary, he said. Or they could be used to take pictures of an accident accident or help with mapping or an emergency operation or a crime scene.

Keller said

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