Little Will Change If the Military Takes Over CIA’s Drone Strikes

If the Obama administration decides to give the U.S. military control of the CIA’s drone effort, the institutional changes to the controversial global drone strikes will be minor. That’s because the important leverage points over the drones – and the global, targeted-killing program they support – are political, not institutional.

Daniel Klaidman at The Daily Beast reports that President Barack Obama is nearing a decision to divest the CIA of its lethal drone fleet. According to Klaidman, the CIA will “remain involved in lethal targeting,” but uniformed personnel will pull the trigger from now on. “It looks like the White House may now be preparing to launch a campaign to counter the growing perception – with elites if not the majority of the public – that Obama is running a secretive and legally dubious killing machine,” Klaidman writes.

Except he’ll still be running one. The CIA conducts armed

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