IN PICTURES: Swiss Air Rescue to use drones to search for missing and injured

In 2018 alone, Swiss Air Rescue (Rega) flew more than 17,000 missions and treated nearly 12,000 patients.  Every year, hundreds of people get lost or disappear in Switzerland’s sinuous alpine landscape. 

A helicopter rescue team prepare to transport an injured patient in the Swiss Alps in 2018. All photos: REGA. 

In most cases, emergency services use helicopters and search teams on land for search and rescue missions.

“In the last year alone, Rega searched for missing persons from the air on around 160 occasions because there was good reason to believe that a person needed help,” said REGA in a statement announcing its new drone on April 12th.  

Helicopter teams can access rough terrains but the drone will be an additional aid in bad weather conditions and in accessing extremely remote areas. 

A pilot with Swiss Air Rescue on a mission. 

The new drone will change the way Swiss Air Rescue locates people in

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