Facebook’s Airbus Zephyr drone ‘crashes’ in Kimberley test

A Facebook drone testing out a way to deliver internet services to remote communities has reportedly crashed in the Kimberley.

The drone, part of an initiative dedicated to helping the social media giant become a global internet service provider, was supposed to demonstrate Facebook’s High Altitude Pseudo-Satellite communications capabilities.

It comes ahead of a meeting in Egypt later this year, where major companies are predicted to contend for control of the wireless spectrum, as 5G mobile networking rolls out.

The Airbus Zephyr drone, understood to be 25m wide, is a military-grade surveillance craft and has the capacity to fly in the stratosphere for weeks. The craft was expected to start a secretive, one-month flight mission on April 1, but reportedly crashed at take-off.

The test flight was organised to determine whether a Zephyr drone, armed with technology, could bring internet services to remote communities.

Facebook’s intention to connect the

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