• Gareth K Vile
  • 15 April 2019

A poetic engagement with contemporary alienation and domination

Harry Josephine Giles‘ script – a collection of poetic episodes ranging around the life of a drone that appears to be both a frustrated office worker and a weapon of surveillance and destruction – is driven by a power sense of social alienation and the sense that merely existing within a capitalist society is enough to ensure complicity with its more vicious behaviours. Over an hour, Giles describes the drone’s moral ambivalence and attempts to shake off the hovering doubt that her life is meaningless or inextricably tangled with the imperialist agenda of the neo-liberal state. Despite a late interlude that is a list of answers to questions that the audience might have, Giles offers no resolution, no solutions, but articulates the mundane anguish of an individual trapped by circumstance.

The drone conceit is powerful: slipping between

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