Drone companies say border authorities want their tech, but can Congress unite to fund it?

LAS VEGAS Drone experts say the unmanned aircraft systems are the technology solution federal officers on the southern border want to see the Trump administration and Congress adopt.

Officials representing companies in the industry say Department of Homeland Security officials have approached them about implementing this type of flying robot at the border. But first, those federal workers need the go-ahead from Congress.

President Trump has pushed to increase funding for customs and border operations at several points in his tenure. His repeated calls have forced Congress to decide how much to give him and what types of enhancements to fund.

Despite obtaining a few billion dollars for border security operations in the past two years, minuscule amounts have been tossed at the drone and counterdrone industries.

Drone experts say lawmakers are to blame for holding hostage the procurement process because they cannot agree on what type of enhancements to

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