California Police Department Being Proactive With Drones

Controversial police shootings around the country sometimes escalate after police mistake an innocent object for a gun.

One police department in Southern California says there might be a way to protect citizens, and police, in those moments.

Police typically use drones after a crime has happened.

But in Chula Vista, California, a drone is being sent out ahead of officers responding to a call.

Since October, the drone has assisted police in making more than 50 arrests.

As part of an integration pilot program, the Federal Aviation Administration has granted the first-ever authorization for police to fly a drone beyond the line of sight for proactive emergency response.

That gives Chula Vista police a 40-mile flying radius.

And when asked about privacy concerns, the Chula Vista police chief says policies and procedures should be in place to stipulate that it’s not utilized for surveillance.

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