The Latest News on Unmanned Aerial Systems – Consumer DBUS2 drone features new autonomous flight technology

The DBUS2 is the first consumer drone equipped with visual inertial odometry (VIO), a new technology that enables drones to navigate on their own without human input.

Designed by Drones by US (DbUS) of Santa Clara, California, the $390 DBUS2 uses a camera for odometry, inertial motion sensors and software to recognize object shapes and determine where the drone is. DbUS calls its drone the first step on the road to autonomous flight.

The DBUS2 is an advanced aircraft with a 4K camera, follow-me and autoflight functions that into a pocket or kit bag. According to DbUS, VIO gives drones the ability to see safe paths through buildings, recognize optimum landing spots and navigate inside structures without GPS, enabling it to take on more tasks because there’s less need for human intervention.

The main components of the DBUS2’s VIO system are a single 160-degree, ultra-wide-angle camera, inertial

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