5 things to consider before buying a drone

Drones have rapidly evolved over the past few years since they became available in Australia. They’re an amazing gadget, full of technology and we’ve reviewed a number of them on techAU over the years.

Having used about a dozen drones, often people ask for recommendations when buying a drone of their own, or as a present for others. This post focuses on the key things to consider when deciding to buy a drone.

Drones come in all shapes and sizes and the size you select really
depends on what you plan on doing with it. The size generally relates to the
size and number of props (often 4, 6 or 8) which generate different volumes of
lift. You need more lift if you plan on carrying large payloads, like heavy
DSLR cameras.

I’m going to assume you’re buying from the consumer range of
drones that typically use 4 props for simplicity, cost

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