Drone Paid For Itself "10 To 20 Times Over" On Indiana Farm

Wind and hail took a big yield bite out of one of Mason Lantrip’s cornfields last summer. When the insurance adjuster showed up to verify the claim the two men enlisted help to assess the damage in the tall, tasseled corn, from Lantrip’s unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV or drone).


“He said ‘Fly it to your four worst spots.’ So, I flew the drone over the field and hovered it. He walked to the drone and came back and said, ‘Oh, it’s really bad in there,’” recalls Lantrip, who farms near Coatesville, Ind.


Ultimately, Lantrip says his insurance paid nearly twice the amount he initially expected for the corn wind damage, and that wasn’t the first time the drone, a quadcopter, improved his bottom line.


“You know, it’s paid for itself 10 to 20 times over, and it’s done that three or four different years,” Lantrip

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