A brutal push for peace in Afghanistan, after decades of war

Nick Schifrin:

But when these U.S. Marine advisers come under fire in Helmand, the response is organized, mapped out on an iPad, and aimed on this old Russian tank by Afghan soldiers.

The Taliban sniper was hit, and, afterward, the Afghan commander provided details to the U.S. Marine captain.

These days, the Afghan army does the majority of the fighting and dying. Since 2015, the Afghan government says 28,000 Afghan soldiers and police have died. In the same time, the U.S. says 62 American service members have died.

The U.S. trains Afghan forces, provides them logistics and intelligence, and supports them with weapons they don’t have, like long-range artillery.

As weapons are fired outside, inside the nearby joint operations command, U.S. Marines track possible fighters with drones, or UAVs.

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