Regulating an invasion

While the business opportunities presented by drones are known to many in the aviation industry, incidents in recent months have raised awareness of both the safety and security threats that drones can pose to airports. ACI EUROPE has been working with EASA and EUROCONTROL to develop EU-wide rules to regulate their use. And in recent months, it has also created a Drones Task Force to develop expertise and provide guidelines for airports. Aidan Flanagan reports.

Recent years have seen Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS), or drones, grow from being a largely military interest with some small hobby options, to a large industry promising a host of commercial and leisure uses. This brings an exciting array of new opportunities, including for airports, who can put drones to use in security surveillance, aircraft and airfield inspection, calibration of navigation aids and wildlife management, to name just a few. The growth in drone use

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