Police are chasing Brandon drone owners Police are chasing Brandon drone owners Police are looking for

Police are looking for the owners of drones that have been flying over the Brandon area in the past week or so.

An incident was first reported to police on Saturday, March 2, by one resident when they reported a drone was flying in the Mayday Farm area of the town.

The victim claims the drone flew so close to their property it struck their windows.

The drone has also interfered with the complainant’s hearing device and affected his television signal. Over the weekend the informant says they saw about six being flown.

Police are investigating the incident involving a drone

The informant states that the drones are usually heard from about 10pm onwards and sometimes flown until 3.30am the following morning.

No other complaints from other members of the public have been made at this stage.

Enquiries are on-going to locate the owner but anyone who has knowledge of the incident or who knows who the

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