Mississippi State Launches Disaster Relief Drones

(photo by Beth Wynn / © Mississippi State University)

Mississippi State University is flying high for two reasons.

1 . The men’s basketball team is looking to make a tough showing tonight against the SEC-leading Tennessee Vols.*

2. The school’s Raspet Flight Research Laboratory has acquired two TigerShark XP3 drones.

Built by NAVMAR Applied Sciences Corporation, the drones cost about $2 million and MSU obtained federal research grants to cover most of the cost.

The TigerShark is designed for reconnaissance and surveillance missions. It has a wingspan of 22 feet, weighs 500 pounds, has a payload capacity of 100 pounds, and a flight duration of 10 hours.

Lab Director Dallas Brooks says the drone system will “allow our team to carry more equipment, fly at higher altitudes and for a longer period of time, which increases our ability to meet the needs of our

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