For China drone-maker DJI, the real money in labor-starved Japan is in the industrial sector

Amid severe labor shortages, the use of unmanned aerial vehicles to perform human tasks is sure to grow, and DJI, the world’s biggest drone-maker, is ready to respond, the firm’s Japan head said.

Drones for industrial uses ranging from agriculture to infrastructure maintenance and security are becoming more popular, said Allen Wu, DJI’s head of Japan operations. But he said he is doubtful about the potential for drone-based product delivery.

“For quite some time, we’ve figured that our main market in Japan is industrial, so our team has been focusing on it more,” Wu said in an interview Wednesday.

Shenzhen-based SZ DJI Technology Co. dominates the global drone market and according to reports is estimated to have a market share of more than 70 percent.

Wu said sales of drones for general consumers in Japan hardly grew in 2018 compared with 2017, but sales of drones for industrial use jumped by 40

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