Austin Bay: Sanctions, new military technology threaten North Korea’s nuclear threat

February’s Hanoi summit was unquestionably a media bust. When North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un demanded reduced economic and political sanctions but refused to abandon his nuclear weapons, U.S. President Donald Trump shrugged and walked out.

No sensational agreements; no bombastic threats. Sensationalist media had to scramble. For a week or so, snark artists called the summit a diplomatic disaster.

Austin Bay

When the historical and technological contexts that shape this phase of the Korean War are considered — and this is a phase of the Korean War — hasty damnation is, at best, an exaggeration.

Start with a calendar, then do the math. The Korean War began in June 1950 when North Korea invaded South Korea. The war will turn 69 this year: definitely the menacing senior citizen among globe-threatening armed catastrophes.

The year of 2017 introduced a new diplomatic element — Donald

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