Long-term future of Seawatch still uncertain

With no indication the state of emergency and evacuation order covering the Seawatch subdivision will be lifted in the near future, Mayor Darnelda Siegers met Tuesday with officials from the province to discuss how to move forward.

Seawatch was evacuated Feb. 15, after engineers concluded the risk of new sinkholes in the area had reached the point where the risk of damage to property, injury or death was too great to allow people to remain in their homes.

The state of emergency has now been extended until at least March 22.

Siegers said staff from the ministries of public safety and municipal affairs and housing told the district that “the province’s position regarding private property in the Seawatch subdivision remains that it is a private matter and not a matter for the province,” and that their position on offering disaster financial assistance to the homeowners is still that the

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