HYBRiX Police Drone for Benidorm city

Quaternium startup collaborates with Benidorm Local Police to provide First Response services with a hybrid drone of 4 hr. flight time.

HYBRiX drone, the first hybrid fuel-electric multirotor, with 10 times more flight time than electric drones, takes off. This innovative project from Quaternium, leading European brand of long-endurance multirotors, attracted a lot of attention after setting the World Record of Endurance in 2017 with a 4 hr. 40 min. flight and it was recently backed by the European Commission to accelerate its market deployment.


Now, this innovation has reached a step further with the collaboration between the company and Benidorm City Hall to start one of the pioneer First-Response drone services worldwide.

HYBRiX.20 is a drone for commercial applications requiring longer flight time and an excellent alternative to manned helicopters for applications like

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