Drones Vital to Effective Emergency Response in Disaster Zones

Like autonomous vehicles, drones have the potential to enhance a myriad of essential services – from last-mile deliveries to law enforcement surveillance. In the emergency services sector, quadcopters are already being leveraged to improve the quality of operations, resulting in increased survival rates for victims.

According to a report from Wabash Valley (Vincennes, Indiana), drones have become vital to local fire-fighting initiatives and locating missing individuals in disaster zones. The types of quadcopters utilized to support such services are heavy duty, typically equipped with accessories uncommonly used by mainstream drone enthusiasts.

Emergency Drones on the Rise

Data from the New York Police Department suggests roughly 900 state and emergency response groups across the country are using drones to boost operations. This figure is expected to grow in the coming years, as the technology continues to mature and becomes less costly to implement on a large scale. Furthermore, fleet management must be

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