Percepto assessed in experimentation program with the US Army

Percepto has confirmed it has taken part in an operational experimentation program with the Department of Homeland Security and the Science and Technology Directorate.

Also in collaboration with the US Army, the program sets out to evaluate the ability of autonomous drones to perform intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance operations and to confirm the presence of adversary assets.

The event held at Quantico, VA, enabled more than 100 participants from the DHS, Department of Defense, Department of Energy, academia and the private sector to experience the Percepto Solution alongside 25 other technologies in an urban warfare test scenario.

CEO of Percepto, Dor Abuhasira commented on the work.

He said: “Percepto was honored to be invited to participate in this operational experimentation program.

“We embrace every opportunity to challenge our solution in the toughest environments anywhere in the world, and to showcase the wide range of applications that autonomous drones can be utilised.”

The Percepto Solution is currently

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