Drones retain their buzz at Japanese trade show, with industrial uses expected to bolster growth

With the market for business-use unmanned aircraft looking promising in coming years, a large-scale drone expo that kicked off Wednesday showed more companies are eager to get involved with the trend.

Companies ranging from the small to the powerful are showing off their business solutions using drones at Japan Drone, an annual exhibition at Makuhari Messe in Chiba that features more than 200 firms and runs until Friday.

Telecom giant KDDI Corp. is showcasing its “smart” drone platform connected to KDDI’s mobile communication networks across the country, which allows a drone to navigate a wider swath of territory via remote control.

“One merit of using our service is that drones can be remote controlled through our communication networks anywhere in Japan, unlike most drones exhibited at this event, which tap Wi-Fi networks with limited coverage,” said So Yamazaki, a KDDI official.

KDDI will launch the service to corporate customers

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