DRONELIFE Exclusive: Mothership CEO Makes the Case for Blimps for Commercial Applications

Image supplied by Mothership

Most of us in the drone industry can agree that it’s the data – not the aircraft – that provides value.  But what if the aircraft is a blimp instead of a drone?  DRONELIFE spoke with Jonathan Nutzati, CEO of Mothership Aeronautics about his recent announcement of merging with eBlimp, the marketplace, and what they are up to on the Mothership.

DroneLife:  Tell our readers who may not familiar with Mothership and eBlimp what the company does.

Jonathan Nutzati:  “We are taking some of the cutting-edge drone technology that has become accessible to developers over the past 5 years, putting it into a mature advertising blimp design, adding our own lightweight solar panels and integrating them to produce a long-endurance data collection solution.”

Image supplied by Mothership

DroneLife:  There seems to be two product lines,

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