When official narratives on drone strikes becomes the sole reported truth

Earlier this month, the US military issued a statement saying that it had conducted two airstrikes in Somalia, killing at least 12 “militants”. At the time, US authorities assessed that no civilians were injured or killed in either airstrike. It wasn’t the first time that American authorities expected outside observers or Somalis to accept their narrative.

On January 18, the military published a similar statement saying that it conducted an airstrike in Somalia and killed fifty-two “militants”. Similarly, it pointed out that “no civilians were injured or killed” and that they would continue combating Al Shabab extremists in the country. According to a statement from January 3, another “precision airstrike” took place in the country’s Hiran Region and killed 24 “militants”.

“Precision strikes are part of our strategy. Strikes continue to help our partners make progress in the fight against the transnational terrorists who oppose peace in Somalia and in

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