Swiss startup makes life-saving robots inspired by flies

The drones can access hard-to-reach places without endangering human lives


The drones of Lausanne start-up Flyability can reach inaccessible areas, reducing not only costs but also the risk of a fatal accident. The flying robots have quickly become one of the success stories and symbols of Switzerland’s “Drone Valley”. 

“After the earthquake in Haiti [in 2010] and the nuclear catastrophe at Fukushima [in 2011] it became clear that robots weren’t able to penetrate difficult environments to examine the situation or to check for victims. We said to ourselves that it had to be possible to make a robot that could get into isolated places with many obstacles and tight spaces,” says Patrick Thévoz. 

+ Drones – the basics

So in 2014 Thévoz and his cousin Adrien Briod founded Flyabilityexternal link in Lausanne. They had both recently graduated with a Masters in microtechnology

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