Facebook feedback for Feb. 14: Schools starting before Labor Day, Schwarzenegger thoughts on Va. politics, Police drone surveillance

Virginia closer to allowing schools to start before Labor Day

Virginia lawmakers on Monday moved to allow school systems to start classes before Labor Day, a measure that would end a decades-old rule intended to boost the state’s tourism industry.

The Virginia Senate voted 30 to 10 to approve a House bill that would permit schools to start two weeks before Labor Day. School systems that take advantage of the rule would be required to close the Friday before Labor Day and on the Monday holiday.

Maresa Firth Spangler: That’s just cruel. Summer is for kids!

Trina E. Green: I have no problem with this, a lot of schools already do this.

Arnold Schwarzenegger has some thoughts on Virginia politics

Arnold Schwarzenegger thinks a redistricting reform plan currently making its way through the ... read more at: https://www.dailypress.com/dp-nws-feedback-20190214-story.html