Emergency Drone Response Aids in 20 Arrests

Drones have supported California police in 20 arrests since October as part of a research and demonstration effort supported by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

The Chula Vista Police Department and Cape Aerial Telepresence have been working together to send unmanned aircraft ahead of police responding to emergency calls to both test the usefulness of having advance aerial footage and work out real-world operational parameters. The team has done 282 flights so far, showing safe operations over 75 hours of flight time with no incidents, Cape said in a press release. The drones are being used for upwards of 10 hours per day, four days a week, with plans to increase over time.

The group is part of the San Diego Integration Pilot Program team, one of 10 teams working with the FAA to research and test real-world applications. Under the IPP researchers, companies

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