DJI: Drone Tracking Must Balance Privacy and Safety

DJI's Aeroscope mobile unit in use. (DJI)

DJI’s Aeroscope mobile unit in use. (DJI)

Chinese drone-maker DJI, which holds a 70 percent market share in the worldwide civil drone market, advocates a local-broadcast identification solution to the issue of integrating unmanned systems into global airspace.

Local-broadcast technology provides law enforcement and governments with the ability to track drones and ensure public safety while protecting the privacy of drone operators, according to Adam Lisberg, DJI’s director of corporate communications for North America.

As the FAA is grappling with how to safely and effectively integrate unmanned traffic management into the national airspace system as drone use skyrockets, the current argument on the best technology could establish important precedents.

“It’s important that [local broadcast] poses fewer burdens on drone owners and operators,” Lisberg said. Remote identification, the most popular alternative solution proposed for tracking drones, puts more

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