Two students hacked consumer drones to detect landmines

Landmines or anti-personnel explosives have been prohibited since 1977, however, so many of them have been used around the world that they continue to kill or injure around 10 people per day. The mines are hidden from sight and some of them, like the Russian-made Butterfly mine, are near impossible to detect with traditional mine-sweeping techniques. Two college students at New York’s Binghamton University, however, have found a solution to spot these landmines by using hacked consumer drones, such as a DJI Phantom, outfitted with infrared cameras.

DJI Mavic Pro

Hacked consumer drones with thermal cameras to detect landmines

The Russian-made Butterfly landmines are very dangerous because they are nearly impossible to detect. Unlike most traditional landmines the Butterfly is made from the small plastic containers filled with explosive liquids. This combination of materials

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