New tactical drone system Kratos Aethon receives initial funding – defence

Kratos Defense Security Solutions, Inc on 11 February has announced that new tactical unmanned aerial system Aethon receives initial funding.

According to a statement released by Kratos, the company has recently received approximately $14 million in unmanned aerial drone system related contract awards, including for its newest class of tactical or intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) unmanned aerial system, Aethon.

Aethon, which was developed by Kratos and which Kratos owns the system design and data rights, is a unique intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) unmanned aerial system (UAS).

Kratos is a leading provider of high performance unmanned aerial drone systems for threat representative target missions to exercise weapon, radar, and other systems: tactical aerial drone systems for strike, force multiplication, and amplification missions; and now tactical UAS to support ISR missions and other applications.

Work under these recent contract awards will be performed at secure Kratos manufacturing facilities and customer

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