IPP Drones Aiding in Arrests for California Police Department

Cape’s software in use in Chula Vista, California. (Cape)

Chula Vista, California Police Department drones have contributed to 14 arrests in the four months they have been in use as part of the FAA’s Integration Pilot Program (IPP).

Started last year, the IPP is active in 10 cities around the U.S., where the FAA has granted partners the ability to use UAS in additional ways as part of an experiment to look at the benefits of the technology and how they can be integrated into the country’s National Airspace System. The IPP is one of several ongoing unmanned traffic management efforts by the FAA.

The city of San Diego is looking at smart foot delivery, international commerce, smart vehicle interoperability, border protection, surveillance and public safety. The city is partnering with companies such as Uber, Intel, ATT and drone software company Cape. As part of its program, the

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