Elistair Tethered Drones Selected For Broadcasting And Security At The 53rd Super Bowl

During the 53rd Super Bowl, two Elistair tethered drones were selected, one by CNN for TV broadcasting and one by Unified Command for security. The micro-tether allowed the drones to fly for several hours without the need to charge the batteries, maintaining constant coverage.


Despite the strict no drone zone announced by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), CNN obtained one of the few approvals to fly their drone for live broadcast, tethered to an Elistair Ligh-T.


The tethered drone setup was a DJI M200 drone with an Elistair Light-T and was operated by Vector Aerial. The system was strategically set on the rooftop of the CNN building facing the Mercedes Benz Stadium. Operating at a height of 45 meters above the rooftop, viewers were able to watch aerial imagery before and after the show.


An Unlimited Flight Capacity for Enhanced Situational Awareness of Major Events In parallel and in the same area as the

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