Artist lights up the night sky by using a drone to draw elaborate shapes

Artist Russell Klimas uses a Lumecube attached to his drone to create the light streaks in the sky.  

He bought the Littchi program, an app which allows you to fly your drone and take photos, for $10 (£8) from the app store, available on Android or Apple. 

He also uses Google Earth and the Litchi waypoints app to create detailed flight plans for his drone to execute the paintings at the clearest point in the sky. 

To capture the entire sky, Mr Klimas sets up a digital camera with a very wide lens (12mm) so he can use the entire area in the sky. 

He uses a very slow shutter speed to create the light painting effect.

Mr Klimas says he prefers manually putting in the waypoints one at a time instead of drawing lines for them because it allows him to draw the image in much more

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