Aerobotics wants to pay you to fly drones (eventually)

Aerobotics is a South African company that uses unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) — drones to you and me — in conjunction with proprietary software to help farmers monitor their crops. Its solutions include early problem detection, smart scouting and reporting that help tell farmers not just when part of their crop is in trouble, but what the problem is. But Aerobotics has problems of its own, the biggest one of which is the lack of accredited drone pilots in South Africa. Now it’s trying to change that by helping get pilots accredited and then giving them work.

If you’ve ever investigated flying a drone for money in South Africa you’ll probably have encountered articles, forum posts and the like outlining just how difficult and costly it is to become a licensed drone operator. See, rather than create custom legislation for this relatively new category of aircraft, government turned

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