Securing our airports

Although no drone or pilot was found, the impact on the airport was serious and Gatwick was closed for an unprecedented 33-hours.

The economic impact only came to light in January when the budget airline easyjet said that 80,000 passengers had been caught up in the ‘mayhem’ and that it had to cancel over 400 flights, at a cost to the airline of over £15million.

In total 1,000 flights were disrupted with over 140,000 passengers inconvenienced, suggesting the total cost to the airport and industry was anywhere between £50-100million.

The Chief Executive of easyjet, Johan Lundgren, described the closure as a “wake-up call to airport operators around the world.”

According to Geoff Moore, business development manager at Blighter Surveillance Systems, “The events at Gatwick really didn’t come as a surprise. The industry has been talking about this kind of event for some time.

“Airports are a commercial operation and most of the regulations

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