French Police Use Elistair Tethered Drone System to Provide Security at Concerts, Sporting Events, More

To assist the police in the vicinity of the concert hall, a DJI M200 UAV connected to Elistair’s Ligh-T tethering station was specially deployed.

Tethered drones have been used for security at concerts, golf tournaments and even at a motorcycle world championship event in France last fall. As the benefits provided by the technology become more apparent, the list of applications should only continue to grow.

Surveillance of major events by tethered drones is becoming a big subject for security actors and technology experts.

Elistair, whose tethered drones were used at the Paris Peace Forum and at a variety of entertainment events in 2018, said the same system that was used to secure a concert for 11,000 spectators will be used soon to monitor human flows after French Rugby matches.

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