Do not fly personal drones above traffic and roads

OK, personal drones are here, in the rural country. In just the past three weeks, I’ve seen two different drone operators, and one is less than a mile from my property. So far, no problems, as long as he or she stays within their land, field, property.

The other one is off Mo. 38, headed toward Route AA on the left side, at a home. At 2:15 a.m. one morning, I went to D Diamond for some smokes. Now it’s dark as heck, except for weak car headlights. All of a sudden I see red flashing lights, like a police car, in someone’s driveway. As I come up over the hill, the red flashing lights lift off — the drone looked like the Highway Patrol, red and blue lights, and it flew on the left side of 38, only 12 to 15 feet above the road and my car.

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