A ‘virtual wall’ using high-tech drones would solve Trump’s biggest challenge

Ninox RoboticsSample imagery captured from a high-tech drone camera.

As US Army General Patton famously said, “fixed fortifications are a monument to the stupidity of man”. It is 2019 and there are smarter, better, cheaper ways of solving a difficult problem like securing the US-Mexico border.

Cutting-edge, long-range endurance drones could be deployed continuously to create a virtual “wall” of surveillance along the border, with an annual cost of around $US50m.

Walls don’t have eyes, they are difficult to manoeuvre and are very hard to upgrade, not to mention the exorbitant cost to build and maintain. And in the case of the US-Mexico border, a wall also requires significant appropriation of private land.

Drones, however, can cover large areas, are extremely hard to spot, impossible to tunnel under and even harder to jump over. But most importantly, they are incredibly effective surveillance tools.

To make the “virtual” wall a reality, around a dozen UAV

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