India’s new drone policy is shortsighted. Here’s why

Mukesh Yadav, an urban planner and a member of the practice team at the Indian Institute for Human Settlements and who works in the fields of urban planning, governance and policy advisory using remote sensing and GIS as a tool, writes about India’s new drone policy and why it is shortsighted.

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Here’s why India’s new drone policy is shortsighted

Mukesh Yadav writes for

“It [India’s new drone policy] prescribes lax regulation of smaller remotely piloted aircraft, sparking concerns about surveillance, privacy and security.”

“India imposed a blanket ban on drones in 2014. In the following years, though, it came to be seen as impractical. So, the government crafted a regulatory policy, which came into effect on December 1.”

“While the new drone policy establishes an intricate system of application and approval procedures, it is lacking

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