Throwback Thanksgiving: Feed Your Husband Right With Recipes From This Betty Crocker Wannabe

As Americans prep for Thanksgiving, Pictorial has decided to honor our communal gorging by taking a look at promotional recipe pamphlets of days gone by.

Got problems with your biscuits, your pies, your fried chicken? Well, turn to your helpful Aunt Jenny and her Spry vegetable shortening.

According to Stir it Up: Home Economics in American Culture, this friendly figure would appear in the radio program Aunt Jenny’s Real Life Stories, which aired in the mid-morning from 1937 to 1956. In every episode she dispensed wisdom and cooking tips—while very loudly using Spry. That’s because, much like Betty Crocker, she was a corporate creation, imagineered out of thin air to promote Lever Brothers’ Crisco competitor. There were a number of characters like this; it’s just that Betty is the only one who’s still

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