Man Arrested For Instagram Photo of AR-15 Captioned ‘Thinking About Finally Going Back to School’

Stock image of an AR-15 modular rifle. Photo: AP

Police in Texarkana, Texas arrested 24-year-old Ricky Jared Rankin for allegedly posting a photo of an AR-15—that model of semi-automatic rifle that keeps on being used in mass slaughters across the country—to Instagram accompanied by the caption, “I’m thinking about finally going back to school,” KTBS reported.

According to KTBS, the post almost immediately resulted in a police investigation, which is unsurprising given one of those rifles was allegedly used to kill at least 17 people a massacre at a high school in Broward County, Florida last week. Per the report, they haven’t determined whether the post was intended as a joke, but they have not found the firearm in question either:

Detectives immediately initiated an investigation and obtained an arrest warrant

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