Innocent Man Who Served 20 Years for a Crime He Didn’t Commit Forced to Take Plea Deal in Exchange for His Freedom

Booking photos of Corey Williams, taken by the Shreveport, La., Police Department
Photo: Shreveport Police Department (via AP Images)

The wheels of justice turn ever so slowly when you are a black man caught up in a system designed to hold you down. It’s even worse when those who work within that system intentionally do their best to keep you there. Such is the story of Corey Williams of Shreveport, La.

Williams is impaired from severe lead poisoning and intellectually disabled. According to the Equal Justice Initiative, he was known as a “chump” who would unwittingly take the blame for things he had not done. Three weeks after his 16th birthday in 1998, he was arrested for the robbery and murder of a pizza delivery man.

Although the police were well aware of his

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